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Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services Sterling VA and Washington DC
Commercial Cleaning Services Sterling VA and Washington DC

Commercial Cleaning Services Sterling VA - Progressive Facility Services

Commercial Cleaning Services Sterling VA is one of the most features that an establishment must have. The cleanliness of an area either government, school, educational, manufacturing or any establishment is always being applied.  It is always a must to provide high quality of health safety as well as progressiveness. A clean place indicates that it is conducive to all people who are working and staying in the area. 


In every establishment of Commercial Cleaning Sterling VA, it is a must to promote and apply the cleanliness and proper hygiene in the workplace and other facilities. Since the establishment itself are more focused to the business, cleaning to their premises is less priority that’s why they pass the job to a company that are capable to provide cleanliness it the company. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sterling VA is a leading services company in the area that will services all of your Commercial Cleaning Services. Sterling VA commercial cleaning services takes care of our neighbors. Janitorial services is out specialty.

Progressive Facility Services offer flexible schedules to meet our client's needs and detailed facility profile. We analyze the building and create an individual facility profile with: janitorial checklists, floor specifications, safety standards, and operating procedures for all of our accounts.

Unlike many security companies, our highly skilled team will work closely with you to create an integrated security strategy supported by the very latest security technologies that will ensure personal freedom is maintained, while keeping your employees, visitors, and assets safe and secure. 

Energy Management Sterling VA

We measure, monitor, and manage energy consumption with a 10% to 15% effective reduction of your average annual energy costs. We eliminate billing errors with billing reconciliation “Real Time” visibility into your energy landscape. Our energy audits reduce your energy consumption and free up your capital. 

Custodial cleaning services offered at the highest level of the market with detail to care for the building from every employee and contractor.


We are distinguished by personalization to each custodial client of Progressive Facility Services.

Every organization creates waste, yours and ours included. It’s our job to make sure it’s disposed of quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively and with the minimum of fuss. We also assure you that it is done with consideration to the environment. 

We use steam carpet extractors that clean and sanitize the carpets to bring them back to their original state. 


While there are many carpet extractors on the market today, less than 5% of them are efficient to take out the stains and dirt collected over a period of time.

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